Champagne André BEAUFORT Polisy Millésime 1990 Brut


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Pioneers of agrobiology since 1971, the vines are cultivated by protecting the environment and the microcosm of the plots. Wanting to go further because agrobiology tolerates copper salts and sulphur; since 1974 essential oils that limit the evolution of parasitic fungi have been used, and since 1980 the estate has been exploring homeopathic treatments. Located on the Cote des Bar, the Polisy terroir is under the influence of the Langres plateau, the currents are rather cold and humid. The terroir of Polisy is on a clay soil, under the influence of Burgundy. The champagnes produced at Polisy have finesse, tension, and a frank acidity. The clay soils of the Kimmeridgian give it a predominant terroir atom to the varietal aromas of pinot noir and chardonnay.