Champagne BOLLINGER R.D 2007 Extra Brut


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Most Champagne Houses have always kept a collection of old bottles for the enjoyment of their private circle of friends and certain privileged visitors. These bottles are exceptionally disgorged very shortly before tasting, so that guests can share in that perfect moment when the wine offers extraordinary freshness and sumptuous aromatic expression. This was the audacity of Madame Bollinger who, realising the greatness of such wines, decided to offer the world the opportunity to live this tasting experience. This unique cuvée will be named R.D. for “Récemment Dégorgé”. Only the greatest vintages are elevated to the rank of R.D., the fermentations are entirely carried out in barrels and benefit from a prolonged ageing on lees under cork. The R.D. experience is the extraordinary freshness of a recently tasted wine with the exceptional aromas of an older vintage. Remarkableprecision andenergy characterise the 2007 vintage