Champagne TAITTINGER Collection IMAI Millésime 1988


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Since champagne owes its special qualities to the generosity of Nature, it is to reflect on this beauty that the painter gives himself over to the Taittinger Collection, choosing for its 1994 edition the theme of flowers and leaves dear to Japanese painting. As an imperial emblem, no other flower than the chrysanthemum could better evoke the wine that accompanied the coronation of our kings. Each of the shimmering colours plays its own magical role: the orange-red evokes the Rising Sun. The cobalt blue represents the sacred rock, a place of prayer at the beginning of the Shinto religion, and the blue-grey represents the reflection of the sun on the mountain tops, when dawn gives way to day.

The 1988 harvest took place at the end of September under very satisfactory weather conditions. The late season sunshine and the relatively cool nights before the start of the harvest allowed the grapes to achieve an excellent sugar-acidity ratio. The 1988 wines are clean, straightforward in taste with an aromatic potential and finesse that will increase with age.