Champagne TAITTINGER Collection Roy LICHTENSTEIN Millésime 1985


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For the Taittinger Collection, Lichentstein, faithful to his universe, is inspired by comic strip images and transposes them into the pictorial world. He sought to provoke a visual shock by the strength of the dotted lines and by the judicious use of a few dominant colours: Van Gogh yellow, royal blue, English green. But he is not satisfied with this effect alone: by extending to the point of confusion the hair on the face appearing above his signature, up to the vine tassel, he reminds us that Champagne was born from the indissoluble effort of nature and human talent.

The 1985 harvest was small but of very high quality. The terrible frosts of January and February caused largely irreparable damage in many vineyards. Fortunately, the situation improved in early summer. The flowering of the vines proceeded rapidly. The beautiful weather in September and October made the grapes swell and gave weight to the bunches.