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Le rosé des Riceys

This separate appellation “Rosé des Riceys” has been designed in 1947. It is bounded by the commune of Riceys, the most southerly of the Champagne country (Bars ratings) and at the limit of Burgundy.

Among the 800 hectares of les Riceys; only 300 are entitled to “Rosé des Riceys” appellation.

The only grapes variety authorized for “Rosé des Riceys” is Pinot Noir; the must have to contain at least 10%.
The “Rosé des Riceys” is not the best known Champagne Appellation. Produced in the Aube region; which include the Côte des Bars and the Côte de Sézanne; it has been recognized since the 17th century as one of the best rosé wines in France.
The rosé from Riceys has an intense pink color. The nose is very distinctive, unique with fine notes of red and black fruits such as raspberry and blackcurrant, mixed with aromas of dried fruits and spices. You still will note presence of floral tones with bergamot. On the palate, it is a full dense generous wine, with astonishing amplitude. Tannins which recall the texture of red wines. The vintages matured in barrels will be able to wait more than 6 years in the cellar, while the vats are intended to be drunk within three years of bottling. It is excellent to pair with shellfish, white meats or even cheeses.

We will introduce you to this very rare and very distinctive wine.