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Famous Houses

A “Champagne House” (Maison de Champagne) is an agricultural and commercial Enterprise which implements all the material and human resources necessary for the development and distribution of a Great Brand.

Independent Winemakers

La CAVE DES SACRES has selected for you and for your greatest pleasure the widest range of Champagnes from Independent Winegrowers with more than 400 references spread over more than 50 terroirs and more than 80 independent winegrowers.

Coteaux Champenois

The Coteaux Champenois are AOC wines since 1974. Formerly called “natural wines”, they can be red, white or rosé and are the descendants of still wines which in the old days competed with Burgundy wines.

Le Rose des Riceys

This brandy “Origin Regulated Appellation” (AOR), is obtained by the distillation of grapes coming exclusively from the Champagne vineyards. Its ageing for several years in oak barrels, in semi-darkness cellars, refine its aromas and gives it a beautiful amber color.

Champenois alcohols and aperitif

Marc de Champagne, Fine Champenoise, Ratafia de Champagne ou Single Malt de la Montagne de Reims, vous trouverez tout ces produits chez la Cave des Sacres